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All daily work is found below.  Anything highlighted in yellow is meant to be extra help/review for students.


Online Review Websites
Empirical Formulas Examples
Molar Mass Pencast
Molar Mass and Mass Conversion PencastThe Mole Pencast
Chemical Formulas ans Molar Mass Pencast
Empirical Formulas Pencast
More Examples (with Answers)
Mole Conversion Video 1
Mole Conversion Video 2
Percent Composition Video
Empirical Formula Video  Video 2

  • Thursday, January 28 - Discussed assignment, Quiz
  • Wednesday, January 27 - Continue work from yesterday.  Quiz tomorrow.
  • Thursday, January 21 - Pre-Test, Continued Lab

  • All daily work is found below.  Anything highlighted in yellow is meant to be extra help/review for students.

    Test Review Websites
    Review Questions with Answers

    Atomic Theory I  
    Atomic Theory II – Early Models of the Atom  
    Atomic Theory III – Quantum Theory  
    Periodic Table Classification Quiz  
    Periodic Table Family Names Quiz  
    Metric Units and Conversions Practice  
    Scientific Notation Practice  
    Atomic Structure Review  
    Atomic Numbers Review  
    Atomic Numbers Review II  
    Electron Notations Review  
    Element Classes Review  
    Element Classes Review 2  
    Periodic Trends Review  
    Periodic Trends Review 2  
    Unit 2 General Review  
    Unit 2 General Review II 

    • Tuesday, December 8 - Periodic Table Building Activity with Cards
    • Friday, December 4 - Flame Test Lab
    • Tuesday, December 1 - Electrons and Energy/Light demonstration and packet

    Electron Configuration Extra Practice
    Electron Configuration Video
    Electron Configuration Video Help

  • Tuesday, November 24 - Continue working on Atomic Structure Practice Packet
  • Monday, November 23 -  Continued Electron Configuration,  Assign Atomic Structure Practice Packet
  • Friday, November 20Finished Electron Configuration PacketElectron Configuration Notes, Assignment: Electron Configuration Practice
  • Thursday, November 19 - November 19 - Finished Isotope Lab, Started Electron Configuration, Extra Practice with Ions, Isotopes, etc.
  • Wednesday, November 18 - Isotope Lab 

Basic Atomic Structure Cheat Sheet

Build an Atom Game to check your understanding

Friday, November 13Build an Atom activity, Website:

Thursday, November 12 - Lab work to complete final labs due tomorrow

Wednesday, November 11 - Test today, Labs due in notebook tomorrow

Tuesday, November 10 - Discussed Answers to Practice Test, worked on lab reports.  Test tomorrow.  Labs due in Notebook on Thursday.

Monday, November 9 - Energy Quiz, Practice Test for Energy and Gases due tomorrow, Test on Wednesday

Friday 11/6: Specific Heat of a Metal Lab
Thursday 11/5:  The Specific Heat of a Metal Pre-Lab Work
Wednesday 11/4: Calorimetry Notes and Calorimetry Problems (click here for the notes that are filled in)
Tuesday 11/3: Specific Heat Worksheet (click here for examples that are done)
Monday 11/2:  Phase Change and Temperature Worksheet

Energy Help
Calculations of Specific Heat and Heat of Phase Changes
Phase Diagram Practice
Energy Powerpoint

Thursday 10/29:  Halloween Dimensional Analysis Extra Credit
Wednesday 10/28:  Heating Curve Worksheet
Tuesday 10/27:  Heating Curve and Phase Changes notes and Problems
Monday 10/26:  Heating Curve of water Activity

Tuesday 10/20:  Gas Laws Worksheet (Together) (Filled in)
   Gas Law Worksheet #2 Assignment

Gas Chemistry Interactive Websites:
Temperature and Pressure Review:
Gas Laws practice involving P, T, V:
Gas Laws
kinetic molecular theory:
Gas Laws Videos
Boyle's Law, Video #2
Charles' Law, Video #2
Gay Lussac's Law, Video #2
Combined Gas Law, Video #2
Note Pages
Kinetic Molecular Theory
Standard Temperature and Pressure
Boyle's Law
Charles' Law
Gay Lussac's Law
Combined Gas Law

Monday 10/19:  Gas Laws Chart - Jigsaw Activity  Filled in

Friday: Gas Relationships Lab - Day 3

Thursday: Gas Relationships Lab - Day 2

Wednesday:  Gas Relationships Lab - Day 1

Tuesday:  Pressure and Temperature Conversions WS

Monday:  States of Matter WS

Thursday, October 8 - Clicker Review for test, worked on final lab reports.  Remember - Test tomorrow!  Final Labs due tomorrow!

Extra Practice Density Problems

Extra Practice Density Problems Answer Key


Wednesday, October 7 - Finished labs in notebooks, started final lab reports.  Reminder: Test Friday

Tuesday, 10-6, Beverage Density Lab, Test over unit 1 on Friday.  Study Guide, Pages from Book, Study Guide Key
Monday, 10-5, Beverage Density Lab, Density Quiz
Friday, Density Redo Assignment, Beverage Density Lab
Thursday, Density Calculations WSDensity Calculations (examples filled in)
Tuesday, September 29th : Density Lab
Monday, September 28th:  Scientific Notation Notes for calculator, Density Packet
Density Resources:
Density Pencast
Density Video
Density Online Quiz

Friday, September 25th : No class - assembly
Thursday, September 24th: Quiz, Scientific Notation Worksheet, 
 Wednesday, September 23rd:  Significant figures and dimensional analysis WS, Quiz tomorrow!! (sig. figs, measurement, dimensional analysis)
Tuesday, September 22nd:  Calculations with Significant Figures
 - Filled inSig Fig Calculation WS
Monday, September 21st: Counting Significant Figures notes - filled in, Sig Fig WS
** Dimensional Analysis Extra Practice to retake Quiz

Online Sig Figs Help

Sig. Fig. Rules Pencast
Sig. Fig Calculations Pencast

Counting Significant Digits:

Using Significant Digits:

Friday, September 18th :  Measurement Lab
Thursday, September 17th  : Precise Measurement Notes - filled in, Measurement Packet
Wednesday, September 15th: Dimensional Analysis Quiz
Tuesday, September 14th  : Dimensional Analysis Practice
Monday, September 14th :  Dimensional Analysis Notes - filled in

Online Dimensional Analysis Help
Youtube video: The fence posts are not drawn on this video
Pencast:  Practice problems from class
Online Examples

Friday, September 11th : 
Physical Vs. Chemical Change Lab
Thursday, September 10th :Physical Vs. Chemical Change Lab

Websites for Chemical & Physical Change

Wednesday, September 9th Pre-test
Tuesday, September 8th : Syllabus, Ziplock Bag Lab