Strategies for Success
Strategies for Success is a course designed to prepare our Juniors for the ACT, WorkKeys, and MME tests that they will take in March.  This is my third year for teaching the math rotation for this course.  (Students rotate through three core teachers: math, science, and writing/reading/English.) 

I feel this is a very important class, and that our students are very lucky to have the opportunity to take a class like this at no cost.  Many students in other districts pay hundreds of dollars for an opportunity like this, outside of school, on their own time, often at locations far from their homes. 

Preparing for the these important standardized tests is a lot like preparing for an athletic competition.  I like to tell the students that they would not make their first tackle in an actual football game.  They would practice that skill probably hundreds of times in practice before actually tackling in the game. They don't want to show up for these tests either without this vital practice.  The Strategies for Success class provides this practice!  The more students practice, the more prepared and confident they will be on the day of the tests.  As in many things in life, the more they put into the course, the more they will get out of it. 

Students will take a practice test at the beginning and end of each rotation.  It is always exciting to see the improvement in these scores due to the work students have done in the Strategies for Success class!

Parents and students, look to the left and click on the word Syllabus to see the syllabus for this class.