Classroom Expectations
- Our classroom is a place of learning.  Therefore, you should come to class with the proper items for learning, such as a writing utensil, textbooks, paper, and any other items that are necessary to complete required assignments.  You should also be attentive during instructional time and give your best effort on all assignments.  Lastly, we are all responsible to make sure that our actions do not distract others in the class from being able to learn.

- Our classroom is a safe environment.  Each student deserves to feel safe expressing his or her thoughts and feelings in context of our material and the learning process.  Therefore there will be no taunting, put downs, or unkind teasing tolerated.

- Our classroom is a place of respect.  As a teacher, I will treat each of you with respect.  I expect that you treat me, as well as each of your classmates, with the same respect.  Therefore, we will not interrupt when others are speaking, we will not take or use things that belong to other people, and we will be considerate of one another's feelings.

Works Cited: 2012 LCS Staff Handbook