AP English Literature and Composition
Welcome to AP English Literature and Composition! I'm sure you'll find this year interesting, challenging, and engaging. This year is devoted to reading and analyzing all types of literature. Students will start the first trimester with a unit on close reading. We will examine the various elements of fiction: Plot and Structure, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, Theme and Symbolism. During the second trimester we will apply the close reading skills from first trimester to various novels, and also extend our close reading study to poetry. The third trimester we will again build on first and second trimesters, add in drama, and spend time preparing for the AP English Literature and Composition exam--the chance for students to earn college credit.

Another focus of AP Literature and Composition is the senior project. Our ongoing focus will be the Senior Project. Students will choose an issue of interest to them and work on that issue all year. Students will compose a research paper and create an action plan for service learning. In the second trimester, students will finish their research paper, complete 15 hours of service learning and will complete a service learning portfolio and plan and deliver a presentation to another classroom at East. The senior project has been a staple in the English 12 curriculum for over fifteen years, and is definitely a rite of privilege for our students.