All daily work is found below.  Anything highlighted in yellow is meant to be extra help/review for students.

  • Monday, June 12 - Friday June 16 Review and Exams

Study Guide #2 Answer Key Study Guide #1 Answer Key Page 1
Study Guide #1 Answer Key Page 2
Study Guide #1 Answer Key Page 3
Study Guide #1  Answer Key Page 4

Bozeman's LeChatelier's Principle Video

  • Thursday, June 8 - Discussed work from yesterday.  Introduction to Equilibrium

  • Wednesday, June 7 - Acids, Bases, and pH Worksheet.  Work on Exam Review Packet


  • Tuesday, May 30 - Molarity/Concentration Discussion
  • Thursday, May 25 - TEST
  • Friday, May 19 - Lab Write-Ups for Food Calorimetry Lab, Finish Hess's Law work from yesterday

Hess's Law Tutorial Video

  • Monday, May 15 - Finished Heat of Formation worksheet (due tomorrow), and Potential Energy Diagrams worksheet (due tomorrow)
  • Friday, May 12 - Calorimetry Quiz, Started Enthalpy Changes with Heat of Formation
  • Tuesday, May 9 - Continued Lab work
  • Monday, May 8 - Metal Block Lab, Lab Reports due Wednesday

Phase Diagram Practice
Energy Powerpoint

  • Thursday, April 27 - Discuss work from Wednesday, Mini-Lab work 
  • Tuesday, April 25 - Heating of Ice Lab
  • Monday, April 24 - Test, Intro to Heat and Temperature
  • Thursday, April 20 - Discussed the Ideal Gas Law worksheet.  Gas Review for test Monday due tomorrow
  • Wednesday, April 19 - Continued work with Gas Laws, Ideal Gas Law worksheet due tomorrow
  • Tuesday, April 18 - Discussed Gas Laws,  Gas Relationships Packet due tomorrow

  • Monday, April 17 - Continued work explaining gas laws demos
  • Tuesday, April 11-Thursday, April 13 - Testing
  • Monday, April 10 - Continued Gas Laws Demos
  • Friday, March 31 - Gas Laws Demonstrations
  • Thursday, March 30 - Test 
  • Wednesday, March 29 - Discussed Study Guide, reviewed for test, Quizlet Live Game  


  • Wednesday, March 22 - Discussed problems from yesterday, Example Lab Demonstration in class
  • Monday, March 20 - continued work with Limiting Reactants

Stoichiometry Extra Help and Resources
Simple Stoichiometry Notes
More Stoichiometry Notes
More Complex Stoichiometry Notes
Limiting Reactants Notes
Mole Road

  • Wednesday, March 8 - Continued Lab, Quiz moved to Monday
  • Tuesday, March 7 - Started Ziploc Bag Lab, Quiz Thursday

Stoichiometry Extra Help and Resources
Simple Stoichiometry Notes
More Stoichiometry Notes
More Complex Stoichiometry Notes
Limiting Reactants Notes
Mole Road

  • Friday, March 3 - More work with Stoichiometry (particle problems)
  • Thursday, March 2 - Continued work with Stoichiometry and Cookie/Mass problems with groups

Stoichiometry "Notes" Extra Help

  • Tuesday, February 28 - Test
  • Monday, February 27 - Review for test tomorrow

Test TUESDAY!  Study Guide

Online Review Websites
Empirical Formulas Examples
Molar Mass and Mass Conversion Pencast
Chemical Formulas and Molar Mass Pencast
Empirical Formulas Pencast
More Examples (with Answers)

  • Tuesday, February 21 - Worked on Mole Conv and Percent Comp from Friday, started Empirical Formulas
  • Wednesday, February 15 - Quiz Review and Retake, Discussed Percent Composition
  • Friday, February 10 - Quiz, Assignment: Finish Mixed Mole Conversions worksheet
  • Monday, February 6 - Discussed Mole Particle Conversion, Assignment: Molar Mass

Molar Mass Pencast
The Mole Pencast

Extra Help with Dimensional Analysis
** Dimensional Analysis Extra Practice to retake Quiz 
Youtube video: The fence posts are not drawn on this video
Pencast:  Practice problems from class
Online Examples

Help with Dimensional Analysis
Dimensional Analysis Pencast

Significant Figures Help

Extra Help/Practice with Sig Figs

Sig. Fig. Rules Pencast
Sig. Fig Calculations Pencast

Counting Significant Digits:

Using Significant Digits:

  • Wednesday, January 25  - Continued Lab, Discussed Accuracy in measurement and Significant Figures

  • January 9-20  - 1st semester Exam Review and Exams

  • Friday, January 6 - Test
  • Thursday, January 5 - Reviewed for tomorrow's test
  • Wednesday, January 4 - Labs due, Test moved to Friday, Reviewed for test, More work with Predicting Products due tomorrow
  • Tuesday, December 20 - Precipitates Lab - due upon return from break, Review Sheet for test, due upon return from break  Reminder:  TEST Thursday after break
  • Friday, December 16 - Rates of reactions demo with food coloring and water, Discussed Net Ionic Equations and Spectator Ions

Identifying Reaction Type

video for synthesis, decomposition, single-replacement, double-replacement: 

Predicting Products 

  • Tuesday, December 6 - Types of Reactions Lab - gather data.  Quiz tomorrow

video for synthesis, decomposition, single-replacement, double-replacement: 

  • Friday, December 2 - Continued Reactions Sorting Activity

  • Thursday, December 1 - Types of Reactions Sorting Activity

  • Wednesday, November 30 - Massive Balancing Equations Worksheet, 20 correctly balanced equations due tomorrow

Balancing Equations Practice
Balancing Equations Help and Practice
Balancing Equations Simulation 
Video: A Beginners Guide to Balancing Equations

  • Tuesday, November 29 - Continued work with chemical equations,  Rearranging Atoms due tomorrow
  • Monday, November 28 - Discussed writing word and formula equations, started group work with writing equations
  • Tuesday, November 15 - Discussed Forces with diagram, Assignment: Intermolecular Forces Worksheet, Bonding Test Review, Remember, Test Thursday!

Bonding Extra Help Websites and Reviews

Test next Thursday!

Naming Chemical Compounds
Writing Chemical Formulas 

Naming Compounds Flow Chart
Writing Compounds Flow Chart

Properties of Ionic Compounds
Properties of Metallic Compounds
Properties of Covalent Compounds
Properties of Covalent Network Solids   More on Covalent and Covalent Network

Students were offered the opportunity to retake the test after school on one of the following dates 10/19-10/21, 10/24, 10/25, 10/27.  All test corrections must be completed before a student can retake the test.

Objectives for Test

  • Friday, October 7 - Flame Test Lab (due Tuesday)
  • Thursday, October 6 - Continue work with Metric Conversions and Dimensional Analysis, Finish Electron Energy and Light Packet, PreLab for tomorrow's lab


Tour of the Periodic Table Powerpoint
Test Review Websites
Review Questions with Answers

  • Monday, October 3 - Electrons and Energy/Light demonstration and packet  Assign: #1-20

Electron Configuration Extra Practice
Electron Configuration Video
Electron Configuration Video Help

  • Thursday, September 22 - Discussed Bean Lab/Redo (due Monday), Discussed Electron Configuration Packet
  • Wednesday, September 14 - Lab Reports for Bean Lab

Calculating Average Atomic Mass Help

  • Tuesday, September 13 - Bean Bag Isotope Lab
  • Monday, September 12 - Continued isotopes, discussed atomic mass, Started Bean Bag Isotope Lab

Build an Atom Game to check your understanding

Basic Atomic Structure Cheat Sheet

  • Friday, September 9 - Quiz, Discussed Isotopes

  • Thursday, September 8 - Discussed Atomic Number and Mass Number, Assignment: Atomic Number and Mass Number

  • Wednesday, September 7 - Continued Periodic Table Activity, Introduced terms and added notes

  • Tuesday, September 6 - Continued Periodic Table Activity 

  • Thursday, September 1 - Started Periodic Table Activity 

  • Wednesday, August 31 -  Finished Nuts and Bolts Activity

  • Tuesday, August 30 - PreTest and Continued Nuts and Bolts Activity

  •  Monday, August 29 - Intro, Syllabus, Nuts and Bolts of Chemistry Activity