Biology I

Biology C

Tuesday, June 4 - Friday, June 7

Monday, June 3
Tazxonomy project

Friday, May 31
Taxonomy Project

Thursday, May 30
Linnean Classification Theme
Interpreting Graphics Taxonomy Worksheet

Wednesday, May 29
Classification Theme
Dichotomous Key on Norns
Taxonomy, Classification, and Dichotomous Keys

Tuesday, May 28
Body Systems Worksheet

Friday, May 24
Study for Test!

Thursday, May 23
Ecology and Evolution Study Guide
Patterns & Mechanisms of Evolution

Wednesday, May 22
Types of Selection Theme

Tuesday, May 21
Today's theme was on Speciation.  Students started work on an Examining the Fossil Evidence activity.

Speciation Theme

Monday, May 20

Evidence for Evolution Theme
Darwin's Natural Selection Worksheet

Friday, May 17

Evolution/Natural Selection Theme

Thursday, May 16
Life Video

Wednesday, May 15
Biodiversity Project

Tuesday, May 14

Monday, May 13
Biodiversity Project

Thursday, May 9

Population Ecology Graphs

Tuesday, May 7
Limiting Factors Theme

Monday, May 6
Population Growth Theme

Thursday, May 2
Examining the Stages in Ecolgical Succession

Tuesday, April 30
Succession Theme

Monday, April 29
Ecological Succession Vocabulary PreView

Friday, April 26
Habitat vs. Niche Theme
Relationships in the Ecosystem

Thursday, April 25
Levels of Organization Theme

Tuesday, April 23
Types of Interactions Theme

Monday, April 22
Trophic Levels Theme

Friday, April 19
Ecology Theme

Thursday, April 18
Trophic Levels

Big Picture Theme Anaerobic Respiration
Photosynthesis and Respiration Test Study Guide

Tuesday, April 16
Test Review
Photosynthesis Powerpoint
Respiration Powerpoint
Fermentation Theme2

Monday, April 15
Fermentation Theme 1
Continue to work on daily assignments

Friday, April 12
Cellular Respiration Theme - Big Picture
Continue to work on daily assignments

Thursday, April 11
Kreb's Cycle and E.T.C. Theme

Wednesday, April 10
Cellular Respiration Theme 2
Cellular Respiration Virtual Lab

Tuesday, April 9
Cellular Respiration Theme
Cellular Respiration Packet

Website for Virtual Lab

Photosynthesis Themes

Photosynthesis Powerpoint

Photosynthesis Questions

Plant Mass Investigation

Photosynthesis Equation WS

Plant Mass Worksheet

Biology B

Wednesday, March 6 or Thursday, March 7: 

Genetics Clicker Review

Monday, March 4: 

Genetics Test Study Guide

Friday, March 1:

Pedigree Practice Worksheet
Pedigree Worksheet

Tuesday, February 26:

Pedigree Theme
Pedigree Charts Worksheet

Monday, February 25th:

Variations on a Human Face Lab

Friday, February 22:
Sex Linked Traits Theme
Genetics X Linked Genes
Sex Linked Traits Worksheet

Extra Credit Opportunity: Trihybrid Cross

Thursday, February 21:

Dihybrid Crosses
Dihybrid Cross Practice

Wednesday, February 20: Dihybrid Cross Practice

Dihybrid Theme
Dihybrid Cross Worksheet

Thursday, February 14:
Practice Codominance and Incomplete Dominance
Test Crosses, Incomplete Dominance and Codominance

Wed. Feb 13th

Codominance Theme
Botheads Activity

Tuesday, Feb 12
Incomplete Dominance Theme

Oompah Loompa Incomplete Dominance Assignment

Extra Help Video:
Introduction to Heredity

Extra Credit Opportunities: 
Principles of Heredity Wordsearch
Genetics Challenge

Test Cross Assignment
Test Cross Theme
More Monohybrid Punnett Squares

Tuesday, February 5th
Dragon Genetics Lab

Monday, February 4:
Monohybrid Punnett Squares

Friday, February 1:

Mendel's Conclusions and Punnett Squares Theme
Genetics Practice Problems
May the odds be ever in your favor! ( Penny Lab)

Wednesday, January 30:

Mendel Theme
Mendel's Work worksheet

Friday, January 25:

Mendelian Genetics Webquest

Thursday, January 24:  TEST!!!

Wednesday 1/23/13

DNA Clicker Review

Extra Credit Opportunity:
DNA Workshop


Friday 1/18/13
Connect the dots... DNA to Disease
DNA Test Review Sheet

DNA Workshop Extra Credit

Extra Credit Protein Synthesis Worksheet

Mutations by Analogy WS
Finish Protein Synthesis Worksheet from Wednesday
Mutations by Analogy Theme

Theme:  Putting it all together
Protein Synthesis Worksheet

DNA Review

Correct DNA cut and paste
DNA and Protein Synthesis Foldable

Continue to work on DNA cut and paste activity

Translation Theme
Translation Powerpoint
Part D, Translation

Wednesday 1/9/12
Types of RNA theme
Replication and Transcription Worksheet

Replication Quiz
Continue Work on part C of the cut and paste activity

Tuesday 1/8/12
Part C Transcription
Part C Nucleotides

RNA Theme

Monday 1/7/12
Finish parts A and B of the cut and paste activity
Extra credit opportunity: DNA Fingerprinting

Wednesday 12/19/12
Power of Genes Video
Power of Genes Questions

Tuesday 12/18/12
Continue to work on DNA Replication Activity

Extra Credit Opportunity: DNA Crossword
Extra Help with DNA

Monday 12/17/12
Replication Activity Part B : Please follow the directions step-by-step
DNA Replication Theme

Friday 12/14/12
Continue with DNA cut and paste activity

Thursday 12/13/12
DNA Cut and Paste
DNA Models
DNA Theme
DNA PowerPoint

Wednesday 12/12/12
DNA Activity
DNA Activity Cut Outs

Tuesday:  12/11/12
Test Corrections
Continue to work on vocab
Chapter 12 and 13

Monday:  12/10/12
Meiosis Test
DNA Vocab: Due Wednesday

Friday:  12/7/12
Meiosis Review Clicker
Extra Credit Review Sheet
Test on Monday!!! All Extra credit due on Monday, you could always make flash cards and turn them in!!!!

Thursday: 12/6/12
Meisois Simulation Due
Meiosis Pictionary
Karyotype Theme
Meiosis Study Guide

Wednesday:  12/5/12

- Finish Meiosis Simulation
Test on Monday!!!
Interactive Websites

:  12/4/12
- Finish Meiosis Simulation

Monday:  12/3/2012
Frimpanzee due
Theme:  Independent Assortment
Meiosis Diagram Notes
Meiosis Simulation - Due on Thursday
TEST ON Monday over pages. 323-327
Meosis Powerpoint for review and as a PDF
Watch this!!! Meiosis Pencast

Friday:  11/30/12
Continue to work on Chromosomes of a Frimpanzee
Theme:  Chromosomes in Meiosis

Thursday:  11/29/12

Chromosomes of a Frimpanzee

Wednesday:  11/28/2012
Theme:  Mitosis vs. Meiosis
Extra Credit:  Meiosis Starts with  . . .
Extra Credit:  Mitosis vs. Meiosis

Tuesday: 11/27/2012
How cells divide webquest



Monday: 11/26/2012

Cell Diagramming Activity

How Cells Divide Webquest