Academic Support Syllabus

Lapeer High School

Course Expectations

Academic Support


Mr. Siems

810.667.2418 Ext. 3183


Course Description

This course is designed to provide students with assistance and support in regard to classroom assignments, homework, and quizzes/tests.

Required Materials

Students are required to bring uncompleted course work and/or study materials for all core content classes. 

Grading Policy

The following activities will be scored in order to calculate a student’s grade:

Participation / Behavior: Students can earn up to 10 points daily.   Students gain points for coming to class prepared; being on task; being respectful.

Daily log: Students are required to submit a daily progress log in order to monitor productive use of classroom time, 5 points daily.

Final Examination:  Students will complete a “reflective” examination for their final assessment. 


District Grading Scale

94 – 100%         A                      67 – 69.99%      D+

90 – 93.99%      A-                     63 – 66.99%      D

87 – 89.99%      B+                    60 – 62.99%      D-

83 – 86.99%      B                      0- 59.99%         F

80 – 82.99%      B-

77 – 79.99%      C+

73 – 76.99%      C

70 – 72.99%      C-

Trimester Grade Composition:

Coursework/Classroom Behavior = 80% 

Final Exam = 20%

Classroom Expectations:

  •  All students have the right to learn and all instructors have the right to teach.
  •  Treat yourself, others, and the school with respect.
  •  No Food or Drink in classrooms after 7:30 a.m. with the exception of bottle water.
  •  Use only appropriate comments, language, and gestures.
  •  Focus and attention on Learning:

            -Not wearing hat or hood

            -No electronic music devices

            -Heads up and off the tables

  • All students should arrive to class prepared and on time.