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Instructor: Mrs. Jacobson

Textbook:  Civics Today            Author:  Remy,Patrick, Saffell and Clayton


Goals ofthe Course

This class will include a detailed overview of basiceconomic concepts in America.  The marketeconomy, national economy, international economy and personal finance will beaddressed by this course.  Students willgain “economic literacy” which is important for becoming essential citizens inour national and increasingly interconnected world (NCCA). With this backgroundstudents should have better chances of achieving the American dream.


Classroom Requirements &Expectations

  • Organize materials into a folder/binder
  • Come to class prepared with pencils, notebook, text, etc.
  • Completion of daily assignments & homework
  • Class participation and appropriate discussion
  • Cooperative group participation
  • Consistent attendance

Classroom rules

  • You are tardy if you are not in the classroom at the completion of the tardy bell. Tardiness will be recorded according to the Lapeer East High School tardy policy.
  • There will be a seating chart for this class.  You are expected to sit in your assigned seat everyday, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Use the restroom between classes. Using the restroom during class time is limited to an emergency only.
  • Our classroom is a place of learning. We will not do anything in our classroom that would distract the ability of other students to learn and the teacher to teach.
  • No cell phones on and/or out in class, they will be taken and turned into the office and violations will be handled according to the Lapeer East Cell Phone Policy*
  • No backpacks or large bags allowed in class
  • Purses or other small bags must be stowed out of reach to minimize the need to text –

A (1) time warning only then your bagwill not be allowed in the classroom

  • No hats, hoodies on, I-pods with earphones or other objects causing a distraction in the classroom, they will be taken away and may be picked up in the office after the last bell of the day (2:10).
  • No food or drinks allowed in the classroom, except bottled water

            *Note-unacceptableperformance will result in appropriate action according to

                      student handbook and/orparent or guardian being notified



  • Students may have homework if work was not completed during class time
  • Assigned homework is due on the assigned date ONLY!
  • Late work must be turned in within two days of re-assignment.  The maximum credit earned for late work will be 50%.
  • Full credit will be earned only for assignments turned in on time.
  • Students will have homework after being absent (see Make-up-work)





Gettingmake-up work is your responsibility!! There will be a make-up work folder on the teacher’s desk with anymissed work while absent.  Students areaccountable for having the make-up work completed by the deadline:  you have the same number of days, as you wereabsent to make up your assignments.  Ifyou fail to make-up work by the deadline, the grade will be posted as a zero.Quizzes and tests to be made up will be scheduled with the teacher.  Failure to show up for the “appointment” willresult in a zero.


Gradingis done by a Power School computer program,. All assignments and evaluationsare assigned a point/percentage value (Lapeer schools has a set gradingscale).  Points are determined by thedegree of difficulty and the time and effort required to complete theassignment.  All assignments are designedto enhance the required objectives. Students who want to be successful must demonstrate effort, use timewisely and submit work by deadlines. Tests are only one component used in total assessment.  Quizzes for comprehension may be given withor without warning. Cell phones out during a test or quiz are an automatic“Zero” in addition to the LECPP. At the end of the marking period apercentage is computer calculated and a grade is assigned according to thescale below.

Power School

Currentstudent grades can be viewed on Power School at anytime.  Grades will be updated weekly.  Students and parents need to set up an accessaccount.  Any questions and concerns canalso be communicated through this network.

Grade Values

Tests and majorprojects/reports                                40%

Quizzes                                                                       25%

In class assignmentsand participation                       20%

Homework                                                                  15%

                                                                        Total                                            100%


Grading Scale

A          100-93             C         76-73

A-        92-90              C-        72-70

B+       89-87              D+       69-67

B          86-83              D         66-63

B-        82-80              D-        62-60

                                                         C+        79-77              F    59


Trimester Grade Composition

Coursework value               80%

                                                      Exam                                          20%



CourseConcerns & After School Help

  • For students the best time to address individual course concerns is before or after class or at a scheduled time (try not to do it during class)
  • Students who like extra help are welcome to schedule time after school to work in the classroom.
  • For parents or guardians any question or concerns, please call 667-2418 ext. # 3160 or e-mail

Economics– Course Contract

The course syllabus has beenread and explained by Mrs. Jacobson

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This course syllabus hasbeen viewed by student’s parent(s) and/or guardian

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