English 10 A

10thGrade Disposition Questions:

The following questions will be used to guide the discussion of critical response and stance. They are provided by the Michigan Department of Education for the MMC.

  • How can I discover the truth about others?
  • What sacrifices will I make for the truth?
  • What criteria do I use to judge my values?
  • How will I stand up for what I value?
  • What can Ido to realize my dreams or visions for the future?
  • How do I handle others’ points of view?
  • What role does empathy play in how I treat others?
  • What powerdo I have as an individual to make a positive change?
  • How do I respond to improper use of power?
  • How do I determine when taking social action is appropriate?
  • What voice do I use to be heard?


For more information about the Michigan Merit Curriculum for English Language Arts, please visit http://www.michigan.gov/mde and follow the link to curriculum and instruction